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A Delicious Recipe For South Indian Idlis

A recipe is nothing but a set of instructions that describes how to prepare a dish. There are a variety of dishes that prepare all over the world. People live in different areas like different foods like Chinese, Italian, and some like south food. The liking for the food depends on the tastes of the people of a different region.

You are most welcome to Indian food recipes. Today we will learn different types of dishes. Firstly we will learn to make idli, one of the most famous south Indian dishes. This is a dish that is used by many families for breakfast. This is a dish that is light in weight and controls even your weight.

Ingredients required

For making a better

  • One bowl of semolina

  • Half bowl of curd

  • 1 Packet of Eno

  • One teaspoon of oil

  • One teaspoon of mustard seeds

For frying idli

  • Two onion

  • One capsicum

  • Salt to taste

  • Half spoon of a chilly red powder

Method to make the recipe:

Take a bowl, add semolina and curd in the bowl and mix the mixture for 2 minutes. The consistency of the batter should be such that it flows from the spoon. Now add a pinch of salt in the batter and the pouch of eno, now your batter is ready.

Now take the idli stand and grease the idli stand appropriately with the oil, and put the batter on the idli stand. They not be filled till the top. Now keep the stand on the gas stove and some water in the stand. When the water heats up, add the stand with the better. Keep the stove on for 5-7 minutes.

After 7 minutes, put the knife in the idli and check; if the knife comes clean outside, your idli is ready. Now you cut the idli in small pieces. Now you have to fry the idli.

First of all, frying the idli put the frying pan on the stove, add one teaspoon of oil to it, and then add mustard seeds in the oil. Once the oil heats up properly, add finely chopped onion in the oil and keep frying them till they get red. Now add one finely chopped capsicum in the onion and fry till it gets softened.

Now add the salt to taste and red chilly powder. Now add some drops of water and one teaspoon of sauce, now fry the mixture for 2-3 minutes, and now you add the pieces of idli in the fried vegetable and mix it properly. Now you can put these idly into a serving tray and decorate the idli by spreading coriander leaves on the idlis.

Now your breakfast dish is ready. You can serve the dish with tomato ketchup and coconut chutney. You will find the recipe very much delicious. This is a purely vegetarian recipe, and all the vegetarian people will surely like it. The main advantage of Indian food is that they are very much comfortable to prepare, but they are very much delicious.

Mainly south Indian people also like to eat idli with Sāmbhar. Idli Sāmbhar is a famous south Indian dish, mostly likes by all the Indian families. They enjoy eating this recipe regularly.


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