You can categorize different resources for formatting a publication as there is a huge difference in time and resources of effort in every format required for production. These resources are in a particular

Daniel Alpert does a great job of characterizing the opening decade of the postnormal, an age of apparent oversupply, where people are underemployed because there seem to be no safe investments and there

Roxane Gay counters Michelle Cottle’s ’ rankly condescending piece of shallow provocation for Politico’, in which every double-bind in the 'feminist mandates’ is marshaled to undercut Michelle Obama. excerpt Women so often face impossible choices in life, in work, in feminism. We

According to a 2012 study from McKinsey Global Institute, the average knowledge economy worker spends 28% of his or her time just reading and answering e-mail.  A 2010 study by Alex Haslam from the University of

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