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Top 10 best Mediterranean recipes

As you know, there are a lot of varieties of different Mediterranean countries. Most of these have their recipes. Most people offered recipes to their friends, relatives, or colleagues living in the Mediterranean. In the dishes, they use extra olive oil. This is the main reason that food taste is right, or it is easy to make.


You can see a lot of varieties in the Mediterranean. So let’s see what those are.


  • Black-eyed peas with fresh dill

Black-eyed peas with fresh dill are all favourite foods, and people love to eat these. Add some amount of fresh parsley, orange slices, or green onions. Cook in the oil and add these ingredients, which will enhance the taste of the dish.


  • Chickpea and spinach salad with avocado

This recipe is traditional in Mediterranean diet salad, which you can add to your lunchtime salad. It is filled up with protein. Fill with green vegetables to make a healthy.


  • Antique Greek

Restaurant ‘salad dressing’ it is an American Greek restaurant which is different from the Greek salad. The Greek salad is famous in America, made up of tomatoes and iceberg, lettuce, Cucumbers, Feta cheese, black olives, etc. Add a few amounts of lemon juice with olive oil to make a more tasty and delicious.


  • Spicy Moroccan veggies and meatballs

It includes spinach, tortilla Espanola which gets from the streets in Spain. This dish is commercially known as spiced Moroccan meatballs or veggies if you know that kofta is a meatball that is built of beef and lamb.


  • Greek salad

You can get this Greek salad from Athens, which you can find in the streets as a traditional Greek tavern. Deep a bread into extra olive oil, which is good. Cover with tomatoes slices that makes super delicious


  • Eggplant, peppers, lentils that cook in olive oil

Aubergine is mainly found in turkey. Eggplant, lentils, and peppers can be cook in olive oil that’s called a Mercimekli Mualla. Make the addition of dried mint with olive oil to bring an excellent flavour to green lentils or eggplant.


  • Tabouli (parsley salad and Lebanese bugler)

It is one of the top healthy dishes that can eat on summer days to cool. It is fresh, which is in a dark green colour, or it is easy to make.



  • Lausanne humus

Grocery stores are increasing rapidly day by day. So the people also prefer to cook in their homes, which are less expensive and bought it quickly.


  • Lemon potatoes

It can make from oranges and lemon trees, which you can eat at dinner. Lemon juice is good and includes in the diet. Slice of lemon use in baked recipes such as lemon and capers, salmon with yogurt, and green olives.




As the detail as mentioned above is enough to know about the Mediterranean recipe, that is easy to make. Try these dishes at your home because these are healthy dishes.


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