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Travelling Paris- here are some tourist places to know!

If you get a chance to travel to Paris, some tourist attractions must have to visit there. Paris is one of the dream destinations, which is one of the glitzy metropolises of the world. It contains various architectural monuments and some vintage places such as gardens, art museums, shopping hubs, sports arenas, resorts and casinos, and many more, which influence millions of people worldwide. There are also many spectacular places to visit in Paris, known as the beautiful places on the planet. However, if you are a sports fan and couldn’t be able to travel, don’t fret because you can always play sports betting on www.ufabet168.info.

Here are the tourist places

Many tourist attractions influence millions of visitors throughout the year in Paris, providing new travel experience. Most of the best places in this magical city that attract families, historians, and photographers hold the city’s glamour and give you great enjoyable moments. So here we are discussing some of the tourist places which you have to visit in Paris.

  • Disneyland

Disneyland is one of the best tourist places in Paris; it is one of the colorful and cheerful parks that is immensely popular through visitors worldwide. It is one of the best destinations which is popular among kids and also adults. It includes various fun rides, animation movies, rallies, shows, and also exciting for meeting your favorite character. There is much entertainment, and kids and adults eagerly process fun moments. It is clicking with your favorite character like Mickey, mouse, pooh, and many more from exploring Disney. It also influences millions of people worldwide, and its opening hours are from 10 am to 11 pm.

  • Eiffel tower

Eiffel tower is one of the most popular tourist places; when talking about Paris, the first thing that pops in our heads is the Eiffel tower. It is one of the highest towers with 1063 feet in height and contains three levels of floors. The first two floors have restaurants, hotels, clubs, and shops that influence millions of visitors worldwide. The top-level floor is the best magnificent for watching bird eye view of Paris. It is the most famous destination globally and includes some streets around it where people can enjoy various activities like singing, music, dancing and many more. Opening hours for the Eiffel tower is mid-June to early September with the timing 9 am to 12 midnight.

  • The Louvre

The Lourve is one of the most visited places in Paris, and it is one of the most famous museums of art in the world. It is one of the beautiful places in the world which influences millions of visitors throughout the year. It is located in the royal fort and visible in the basement area. This museum is divided into different sections, such as Islamic art, greek and roman art, Egyptian art, sculptures, classic furniture designs like the ones on www.milanihome.it and various paintings. There are also some graphic arts in the museums that are available.


These are some of the excellent tourist places in Paris you should know, and if you get a chance to travel, you must not leave them. There are also many other places you have to visit.


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