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Written Scripts Modifying The Minds!

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Thoughts are perfectly reflected if put through appropriate words. Writing and literature has created waves of change and influence over time. To date, the media, say newspapers, articles, or blogs, have continuously made noise in some form or the other. Have we ever reflected what are the different forms of writing that are famous? How have they been successful in influencing and changing our minds? Is it indeed that the words strung to mere sentences can often compile to great changes in the mind?

 The genre of the writing and the tone and the author’s intentions are the major factors deciding the response of the audience.

  1. Philosophical Writing: Motivation and inspiration are some of the key attentions in this genre. Having analysed the practical world, write stories and incidents indicating the hidden message to be followed in a pleasing fictional way. The youth and the aged alike grasp the theme’s power more interestingly than simple thoughts and sentences flashed on them.
  2. Fictional Fantasy: Novels and stories have been a part of society since the time literature popularised. Stories rely on real-world situations reflecting in the most dramatic ways. Such writings creatively connect the practical world incidents, leaving a memorable mark on the readers. Ardent literature enthusiasts are undoubtedly polished in their character and have the acquaintance to act aptly for the situation.
  3. Informative Content: Academic and knowledgeable, the informative articles and reports render the spread of information worldwide. Even as motion pictures and social media prevailed, the publishers of research papers and patents have a lot every day showcasing the latest discoveries. Thus, people get to know of the wo0rld turning incidents to contribute if possible. 
  4. Documentaries: The knowledgeable and experienced people can guide best and inspire through their life incidents and study. The documentaries and interviews printed in books and magazines help connect them to the public.
  5. Blogs: They soon evolved as social media hit fame. Bloggers are of types, the ones providing tips and tricks for self-help. Some write on behalf of events and products reflecting the thoughts and messages. While others share their experiences and reviews for help in decisions. They help common people do the tasks easily.
  6. Social Issues: Many times, the pleadings and complaints are popularised through writings to gain public support. Short stories, newspaper articles and scripts were, since the time, the motion stirrers to spark society.
  7. Poems: Not the bulky literature; poems carry a special aura to catch the ear. The theme expressed explicitly with every possible emotion, songs and poems mesmerise the listeners, and the message is sure to be imbibed in the hearts. Motivating songs of success and courage create passion where the sorrow and agitation gain sympathy equally.

 Any writing isn’t all the same. The intention of the script acts for the purpose. One of the main advantages of writing as prominent media is the duration of the content. The written anecdotes are the most spread and cherished for long compared to any motion pictures or theatres.

Written scripts, usually in regional languages, are the most binding as the sense of oneness evokes. These days their fame isn’t bounded by the language’s periphery as the worldwide translations are common. 

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