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Timeline of Events Feb. 19 First male patient, 87, became ill with H7N9 (Medical News Today). Feb. 27 Second male patient, 27, became ill with H7N9 (Medical News Today). March 4 First male patient dies (Medical News Today). March 9 First

Paul Krugman (and Larry Summers) peer behind the backdrop and see the postnormal economy may be with us for decades. excerpt what if the world we’ve been living in for the past five years is

The average age of a Japanese farmer is now 67, and in all developed nations the average age is 60. Agriculture ministers from the G7 last year were worried about how this high age

Thoughts are perfectly reflected if put through appropriate words. Writing and literature has created waves of change and influence over time. To date, the media, say newspapers, articles, or blogs, have continuously made

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