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Poetry; An Art Of Expressing Emotions

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Poetry has always been a form of expression, years and years on end, the form has changed, but poetry remains evergreen. A stated fact, in earlier times, during the times of Geoffrey Chaucer, that is the middle age period, every work of literature was written in the form of poetry, be it be anything, a short story narration or an article, it was all in the form of a poem.

But, What Exactly is a Poetry?

Poetry is a form of literature used to convey emotions, narrate a story, or describe a thought using words in typical and lyrical arrangements, in stanzas and paras. A poem can either be structured using rhythms with meters or free verse, which doesn’t follow any particular format.

What is a stanza?

The elementary unit or the main component that builds the poem is the stanza. A stanza is several lines grouped that convey the same thoughts or messages. For example, a stanza with two lines is known as a couplet. But there is no fixed number of lines that are supposed to fit in in a stanza.

A stanza can be composed of various rhyme schemes and meters. Also, not every stanza in the poem follows the same rhyme scheme of how it initially started. Some poems don’t follow any rhyme scheme or meter, and these are called free verse poetry.

What is a Rhyme Scheme?

A Rhyme Scheme to understand in simple words is when the ending words of a particular line rhymes with the ending word of another line in its consonant and vowel pronunciations.

What is a meter?

Meter is said to be the rhythmic structure of a line in poetry and consists of two parts, the number of syllables (can also be said the length of a line) and the pattern those syllables follow (the way they sound together and what final product they give).

Depending on the meter and rhythm, what the poem is about, and what it tries to convey, poetry has developed various forms in itself.

What are the types of poetry?

    • Narrative Poetry; Let’s start with something that was considered the first form of literature. As mentioned above, in earlier times, everything that needed is to expressed was done through poetry. Narration poetry is a form in which the poem follows to narrate a story. The Canterbury Tales is a good example of narration poetry.
    • Sonnets; Sonnets are 14 lines of short poetry. The first 12 lines stand separate from the last two lines, and these two lines are called a couplet.
    • Ode; An ode is written to pay tribute to s certain specific thing; by the thing, it can be both living and non-living. Ode to the thread by Pablo Neruda is a good example to consider.
    • Elegies; Elegies are somewhat similar to Odes. These are written to pay tribute or in respect of someone’s death or some loss. Elegy to the memory of an unfortunate lady by Alexander Pope is a good example.

These are just a few forms of poetry, and there are many more. Poems are one of the best ways to put out feelings into thoughts and thoughts into words. It’s an art of expression, and it’s an emotion.

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