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Traveling To Thailand- Try Out The Best Thai Cuisine

If we check the list of the world’s most popular traveling destinations, Thailand is the best place everyone chooses. There are many reasons why people choose to visit Thailand. Some say that their motive is enjoying the wildlife, and some say that they are just here to try the most famous Thai cuisine.

Yes, Thailand’s Thai cuisine is famous all around the world. People come and visit Thailand only for the reason of tasting the authentic Thai food. If you are also a fan of Thai cuisine and want to know what are the best Thai food recipes that you should try, then stay connected. We will show the top Thai dishes and the recipe for how the Thai people prepare them. This perfect for when you are playing some fun and interactive casino games via 카지노 사이트.

Pad thai 

The pad thai is the stir-fried fishes prepared along with the noodles, shrimps, tofu, or scrambled egg. All the ingredients are stirred together, and a Thai sauce is prepared along with which the dish is served. To make the pad thai, you first have to make the sauce with the fish sauce, vinegar, sugar, and tamarind. You have to take the fish sauce and some water in the pan and start boiling it. Later you have to add vinegar sugar and tamarind to it and boil them till it gets thick. You have to add some of the spices like chilly and salt to give it a flavor.

On the other hand, the fish, along with the ingredient you choose, is sauteed. You have to take some oil and preheat the container. Later in that container, add fish and the other ingredient, add up the spices and cover it. You have to sauté it till it changes its color and gains a crisp. Later after you are done with the sauté process, add them to the sauce. Now the ingredient left is noodle. You have to boil them alone and usually prepare the noodles. Now all three elements, the sauce, the noodles, and the fish, are mixed and served.

Tom Kha Gai (Thai Coconut Chicken Soup)  

The Tom Kha gai is a chicken dish that is specially prepared with coconut. The ingredients required for the preparation is full fat coconut milk, a sugar-free fish sauce, red curry paste, coconut oil, and fresh chicken. First of all, the chicken is washed together with the gingers and onions. By this, the aroma of them settles in the chicken. Now you have to put them in the pan and then add coconut milk to the pan. Start stirring the material together.

Until the chicken is cooked, add some fish sauce and lime juice to them. And stir them to teach all the flavors properly. Slowly you will see that the dish gets thick and changes to white color. It is the indication that your dish is ready to serve.


These are the two of the most famous Thai recipes you can also try at home. But if you want to taste the real version and enjoy the aromas, then try them during your Thailand trip.


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